January 21, 2018

American Intercontinental University Online Degree Options

At American Intercontinental University, they offer master of education degrees online for teachers seeking to earn a graduate degree. The master’s degrees at AIU help teachers pursue their interests in the field of education that will best fit their teaching goals.

As a teacher, continuing education is crucial to retaining your employment and learning about new types of teaching methods, theories and tools to utilize in the classroom. If you are currently an educator who is looking to earn a master’s degree in an area of education, American Intercontinental University offers five graduate programs. All of the master’s degrees for education are offered to complete online. We will talk about these online degree programs, their benefits and the importance of a master’s degree for a teacher.

A teacher can earn the following education master’s degrees at AIU:

  1. Master of Education: Educational Assessment and Evaluation
  2. Master of Education: Leadership of Educational Organizations
  3. Master of Education: Adult Education and Training
  4. Master of Education: Classroom Integration of Technology
  5. Master of Education: Instructional Design and Technology

Meet with a mentor or a career counselor to discuss which degree program option might be the best fit for your individual career goals.

Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree at American Intercontinental University

Depending on what state you teach in, you may be required to earn a master’s degree, but even if you aren’t there are many benefits to earning a master’s degree. There are countless draws to pursuing your degree online as well.

Benefits of earning a master’s degree in education:

  1. Increase your employability with a master’s degree.
  2. More educators are interested in someone with a graduate education degree than someone without one.
  3. Teachers earn higher salaries with a master’s degree.
  4. Teachers with a master’s degree earn around 10 percent more than a teacher who has a bachelor’s degree with the same amount of teaching experience
  5. Learn the latest teaching methods, ways to use technology and develop your knowledge about the way children learn
  6. With technology and changing methods for teaching, it is a great idea to keep current with the latest trends to help you in the classroom.

Benefits of earning a master’s degree online:

  1. More convenient classes
  2. Complete course work at your own pace to fit into your schedule
  3. Graduate classes online cost less per credit hour than taking classes on-campus (American Intercontinental University tuition for an online master’s degree in education is $442 per credit hour
  4. You can save time with no commuting or time spent in class, which means you can spend more time with friends and family and have more time to work on lesson plans and teaching related duties

Earning your master’s degree offers teachers a way to move up in their career both with the salary increase and the growth of knowledge they obtain from the courses they will take. At American Intercontinental University, the master’s degrees in education earned online are a wonderful asset for teachers to have for years to come.

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