January 21, 2018

Ashford University Teaching Degree

When you are trying to decide which college to attend for your teaching degree, you have to consider many different aspects. Do you want to attend college part time or full time? Are you looking for a traditional university experience or are you interested in an online degree program? If you are seeking a degree through an online program, one college to keep in mind is Ashford University for your teaching degree. At Ashford University, there are associates, bachelors and master’s teaching degree programs that a future educator can choose from. We will discuss the different degree program options, the cost of education and some examples of jobs you can get with those degrees.

Undergraduate Teaching Degree Programs

Ashford University offers both an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree for teachers. You can earn an associate’s in Early Childhood Education. This degree can help be a stepping stone to work towards a bachelor’s degree, but you can also find employment as a daycare or preschool teacher with your associate’s degree.

In addition to an associate’s degree, Ashford University also has numerous bachelor’s degree programs for education. Their online bachelor’s degree programs cover many different specialties, including child development, public policy and instructional design.

Ashford University also offers three bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed on campus in Clinton, Iowa. These programs include business education, physical education and elementary education degrees.

Most teaching positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in order to obtain a job. With a bachelor’s degree from Ashford University, you can teach in elementary schools and secondary schools. The English language learner studies program is useful for those who are interested in teaching students English who do not speak it as their native language. These bachelor’s degrees from Ashford are also useful to lead up to earning a master’s degree as well.

Graduate Degree Teaching Programs

If you might be interested in earning a graduate degree in education, Ashford University offers two master’s degree programs for teachers. A teacher can earn a Master of Arts in Education or a Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology degree. Teachers do not have much spare time to attend graduate college courses on campus, so attending graduate school online can help them earn the degree to help them advance their career.

Recently, many state education departments have decided to require teachers to earn a master’s degree. Most of the states that require a master’s degree in education ask that teachers earn one within a predetermined number of years after they begin teaching. A master’s degree not only gives you a deeper understanding about teaching theories and techniques, it also allows a teacher to earn a higher salary. In addition, many principals and school administrators desire to hire teachers who already possess a master’s degree.

Ashford University Teaching Degree Details

At Ashford University, the course fees are $402.00 per credit hour for both undergraduate and graduate classes. If you decide you would like to know more, it is recommended that you speak with an admissions counselor at Ashford to discuss your education plan and find out more details on how to apply for admission to the college.


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