January 21, 2018

Choices in Early Childhood Education Programs

For many interested in teaching, early childhood education programs comes up as a top choice for age groups. So many potential teachers have a love for working with young children. If a person is interested in an early childhood education program, there are several options for postsecondary education to prepare you for a teaching career.

Types of Schooling Options

There are really three different options for a degree in early childhood education.

  1. On campus associates degree at a community college
  2. On campus bachelor’s degree at a state or private college or university
  3. Online bachelor’s degree

On Campus Associate’s Degree

One beginning option is to attend a community college to earn an associate’s degree. This will not allow you to teach in an elementary, but can help you if you would like to work in a daycare or preschool setting. An associate’s degree is also useful if you would like to ease into your postsecondary schooling. You can build upon your associate’s degree with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education if you would like. Tuition rates differ depending on which community college you attend. For example, at Columbus State Community College, in state tuition costs $79 per credit hour for Ohio residents and $175 per credit hour for out of state students.

On Campus Bachelor’s Degree

Another great choice is to attend college on campus or online to earn your early childhood education bachelor’s degree.  When you take courses in person, you can develop a deeper understanding for a topic based on your professor’s variety of teaching methods.  For some, just getting to have the whole “college experience” is important enough for them to seek a degree at a traditional university.  You might find that you pay for that experience though since a brick and mortar college can sometimes cost a lot of money depending on what college you choose. At the University of Vermont, in state yearly tuition for full time students is $13,344 and out-of-state tuition is $33,672 per year.

Online Bachelor’s Degree

Online degrees have so many benefits for all kinds of people. Whether you work full time or not, it is great to have the flexibility and the option of taking classes wherever you can find a wifi or other internet connection. You can also stay home with your children full time if you are a stay at home parent and still choose to attend college from home at your own pace. Online education is a wise choice as well if you do not wish to accrue a large debt while attending college. Tuition for online education can be around the same as a traditional university. For instance, Kaplan University runs about $14,000 per year. Even though the tuition may be similar, it is great that you can take classes from home. This reduces your overall commuting costs (not to mention the cost of room and board at a college or university.)

It is important that you choose the right education to fit your lifestyle and financial situation. When you graduate, you will be able to find a wonderful teaching job with young children. You’ll definitely benefit from getting your early childhood education.


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