February 24, 2018

Education Degree

Earning Your Education Degree

Have you considered earning an education degree? Are you looking for a challenging career in which you can share your knowledge and help others?

Teaching is a perfect job for an individual who enjoys sharing their skills and knowledge with others. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, you must first earn an education degree. Keep reading to find out how you can accomplish your career goals to become an educator.

What You Will Need to Start Earning Your Education Degree

The first thing you will need to begin pursuing your education degree is your high school diploma. In some cases, a GED may be accepted as well. Once you have completed your high school education, you will choose a postsecondary school, such as a community college, state university or private college. You may choose to start out at a community college, but then you will need to transfer since teaching requires a bachelor’s degree in education. If you know what content area and grade level you would like to teach, it would be great to choose a school that offers that particular program of study.

Choosing the Best Content Area and Grade Level for You

Once you know that teaching is the right career choice for you, it’s time to consider what content area and grade level you would like to teach. There are many different areas to choose from. You can major in elementary education, middle grades education, high school education or a specific content area. Some of those content areas are special needs education, English as a second language, physical education, art education, music education and technology education, just to name a few.

Getting Your Education Degree so You Can Teach in an Elementary School

In elementary school settings, you will be working with children in grades kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade. In most cases, these teachers do not need to choose a specific content area to teach since they will be responsible for teaching all the content to their students. Many elementary school classrooms are self-contained, meaning they teach all subject areas in their own classroom. You will only need a concentration in a particular subject if you wish to teach special subjects such as physical education, art or technology.

Getting Your Education Degree so You Can Teach in a Middle School

In a middle school, teachers instruct students in grades six through eight. Middle school teachers help prepare the students for their high school education. Some states require middle school teachers to select a content area like math or science, while others only want the teacher to have an elementary education degree. Middle schools also have the need for special education teachers as well as elective course teachers like technology or music.

Getting Your Education Degree so You Can Teach High School

High school teachers typically educate students in grades nine through twelve. As a teacher in high school, you are a critical part of student preparation for what life will be like after they graduate. Whether they choose to go on to college or into the work force, you will be helping them to make these decisions as you help them reach their individual education goals. A high school teacher typically majors in a specific content area such as science, history or math, but also takes general courses related to a high school level teacher education program. There are many more elective course offerings in high school than in elementary or middle school in order to help develop the students’ talents and abilities so they can make educated decisions about college or other professions.

Preparing to Teach Specialized Content Areas

If you feel that you are more suited to educate a specific group of students, you may want to consider majoring in a specific content area. Some of these include special needs educator, reading facilitator, English as a second language, technology teacher, band teacher, chorus teacher, art teacher, domestic arts teacher or business teacher.

Special needs educators work with students with mental or physical disabilities that inhibit their abilities to learn at an appropriate pace. A reading facilitator pulls children from their regular learning environment who may have difficulty learning to read or processing what they are reading. An English as a second language (ESL) teacher focuses on a specific group of students whose native language is something other than English. They work with the students to help them learn English so they can thrive in the school system.

There are several special interest areas that a teacher can focus on in their career. Physical education, art, music and technology teachers are needed in all grade levels. If you are more interested in middle or high school, there are even more interest areas such as business, industrial arts, orchestra, band, chorus, domestic arts, health sciences and more.

Final Thoughts for Earning Your Education Degree

If you are someone interested in becoming a teacher, you are bound to find a subject and grade level you would like to teach. Once you earn your education degree in the area that you choose, you will then decide what state to teach in. Depending on the area you choose, you may want to pursue a teaching career in a public or private school. Whatever you choose, make sure you are set up for success by choosing the right subject and grade level and earning your education degree.

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