January 21, 2018

The Problem with an Education Degree Online

There is an increasing number of education students that are pursing an education degree online. Online degrees, in general, can be a great opportunity for someone with a busy schedule to fit education into their life. Like anything, there are pros and cons with earning your degree online instead of on campus at a traditional college. This article will review some of the benefits first and then touch on some of the drawbacks to earning your education degree online.

Benefits of Earning Your Education Degree Online

Some benefits of online degrees are crucial for students when they are considering going to school or furthering their education with a graduate degree. It is important to look over all the pros and cons before selecting what type of education you would like to use to earn your degree. You will find, though, that there are numerous paybacks for choosing to attend an online university versus a traditional brick and mortar college.

The first, and most obvious, is the fact that online classes are so convenient. Work on your course work at your own pace and wherever you can obtain an internet connection. Online courses also mean you do not have to commute to school which cuts down on your time spent in traffic which greatly increases your leisure time. You also do not have to worry if the weather is bad. Your classes will never be cancelled.

Secondly, online education costs less than traditional college. Less commuting costs, use of online materials and lower tuition fees all contribute to making online education the less expensive choice.

Lastly, choosing online college means you have time to work at your own pace while you are still in the workforce. If you work full time or even part time, you might not have the time to attend classes in person, so online classes give you the flexibility you need. In addition, some employers participate in a tuition reimbursement program that will give you money for college while you are still working.

Drawbacks of Earning Your Education Degree Online

Unfortunately, online education also has its downfalls that you have to think about. Online colleges might not offer all of what a brick and mortar university can.

First of all, online degrees offer you minimal to no face time with your professors and fellow students. This can be difficult if you have a question for either your instructor or your peers that cannot be accurately answered over the internet. Being able to ask the teacher face to face and study along with other students in the class can really help you gain a deeper understanding about the concept. Some online colleges have learning centers to offer support for the students in person while they attend school.

The next drawback relates to a reduction in hands on educational experiences. Since your courses are all online with mostly reading material and individual assignments, there is really no hands on learning that can go on until you participate in your student teaching program. Hands on learning can really help you grasp a theory better than just reading about it on the computer or in your text books.

Is an Education Degree Online Right for Me?

When you are considering any type of degree, the best advice is to research the pros and cons to determine if it is the right fit for you. If you do decide that an education degree online is right for you, select a program and speak with your school counselor or career counselor about that school and degree program. Online education degrees can be such a wonderful option for many people, but just remember to do your research.

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