February 24, 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Earn an Online Education Degree

Many people find that they do not have time to attend a traditional college. If you are certain that a teaching career is for you, but cannot find time to go to classes, you will be thrilled to know there are many benefits to earning your education degree online.

Here are the top 5 reasons to earn an online education degree:

  1. Earning an education degree online costs less in tuition than a traditional college degree
  2. Study and complete assignments in your spare time
  3. Invest in yourself
  4. It is convenient to take courses anywhere you have an internet connection
  5. Continue working full or part time as you earn your education degree

Online Education Degrees Cost Less

One huge draw to earning an education degree online is the decreased tuition rates. Normally, distance education (aka online education) tuition can be significantly less per credit hour than attending a traditional college or university. If you already have student loans from previous schooling, they will be differed while you are attending school online so you will not be required to pay any payments on them until you are no longer enrolled in school.

In addition to lower tuition and differed student loan payments, you can also apply for financial aid and scholarships when you attend school online. If you are working full time, some employers offer partial tuition reimbursement to help with the cost of your degree. Online education also costs less since there are no commuting costs with gas, meals or car maintenance.

Study and Complete Assignments in Your Spare Time

Whether you are currently working or are choosing to stay at home with your children, you will find online courses to be extremely convenient for you. Most online courses still have due dates for assignments, require you to take quizzes and other assessments, but they offer the flexibility to study and work at your own pace and in your spare time.

Study for a midterm during your lunch break at work or while your children are napping at home. Online courses are also extremely beneficial for someone recovering from a serious injury or illness. You can still attend school as you recover from home and allow yourself the time to heal properly.

Invest in Yourself

If you are thinking about a career change where you can earn more money, you may think about becoming a teacher. During hard financial times, it may be the best decision to invest in yourself by choosing to pursue an online education degree.  Many will be surprised by the paybacks they will have once you become a teacher with their new online education degree.

Investing money in furthering your education means that you will have the potential to earn more money. When you have a higher income with your education degree, you can pay off debts faster, add to your savings accounts and have more spending money. Earning a college degree is one of the soundest investments you can make in your future.

Take Online Classes Anywhere with an Internet Connection

With traditional college courses, you have to attend class on site. Online courses can be taken virtually anywhere since all that is required is an internet connection. Most places of work provide internet connection to their employees. As a courtesy, you will want to check with your employer before using company time to work on assignments.

Over the weekend, it is nice to be able to go to the coffee shop or library to work on your assignments where it is quiet. Going on vacation will no longer hinder your ability to attend classes since you can take quizzes, submit assignments and communicate with your classmates via the internet.

Continue to Work Full or Part Time

Online degrees are excellent for individuals who are already employed full or part time. It may be hard for you to take classes at a traditional college if you are working a full day or have a sporadic work schedule. When you decide to attend college online, you can continue to work at your current job while you take classes at your own pace. This way you can still earn a living and pursue your degree at the same time.

As we mentioned before, your employer may offer tuition reimbursement programs if you decide to attend college. Some employers even have some scholarship opportunities for the employees to apply for as well. Most companies are supportive of individuals who want to attend school while they work.

Why Become a Teacher

When you are a teacher, you have the opportunity to help change the future of the students in your class. As a teacher, you have autonomy in the classroom. You decide what happens in your classroom and when it happens.  Not many jobs offer that type of authority. Last but not least, the schedule you have as a teacher is terrific. Most public and private schools offer around two weeks off in December, one week in the spring, all national holidays and around 9 to 12 weeks off in the summer. Year round schools usually run 9 week quarters and have a 3 week break in between each quarter.

No matter your reason to become a teacher, earning your online education degree might be the right choice for you.

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