February 24, 2018

Getting Your Online Masters in Education

Many graduates with a bachelor’s degree in education and current teachers often seek an opportunity to earn their master’s in education. It can be challenging to pursue a graduate degree while you are working or raising a family. Find out how earning your online master’s in education degree might be the right choice for you.

Why Pursue a Master’s in Education

In the vast majority of states now, you will be required to earn a master’s degree within a certain amount of years after you obtain your teaching credentials. States such as New York, Massachusetts and Ohio require teachers to earn their master’s degree in education within a five year window after they first obtain a teaching position. After you hold a master’s degree in education, even with an undergrad in liberal arts, you will even be eligible to teach some college courses if you choose.

One of the leading benefits of having a master’s degree in education is the ability to earn a higher salary. In addition to a higher salary, teachers often find that school districts are more likely to hire someone with a master’s degree. This means the school will have a highly qualified individual educating their students.

You also have the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in another area of education than your undergraduate degree. For instance, if you hold a middle grades education degree, you might want to add on a graduate degree in computer education or as a reading specialist. This opens up more career opportunities and allows you to become more marketable when you seek a new teaching position.

Reasons Earning Your Online Masters in Education is a Good Choice

Are you struggling with finding time to take classes to earn your master’s degree in education? It would be beneficial to think about earning your graduate degree online instead of at a physical college location. You will find that many students who are attending graduate school online for a master’s in education are working full time as teachers or are currently taking time off to stay at home with their children. No matter your situation, you will certainly find that attending graduate school online is a wise choice.

Online courses can be taken at any pace you prefer. Take one, two or three classes at a time. Choose a graduate degree in an area that will enhance your undergraduate education degree. You may have obtained a bachelor’s degree in a field other than education, such as English, science, history, art or technology. Earning a master’s in education online will allow you the opportunity to add the graduate degree and open up many opportunities for a fun teaching career in your specialized area.

Many find online courses to be fun and offer students a change of pace from traditional classes. You can work on assignments at your own pace and find your own spare time to view lectures, slideshows, chat with classmates online or work on group projects. If you love working with various types of technology, online classes will be very interesting to you.

Since wifi connections are found practically everywhere now, you have plenty of locations to work on your online assignments. Weather, illness and schedule changes will not matter when you attend college online. Online education permits you to be home more. This is a perfect option for someone with children at home. It allows you to be more involved in your family life.

Types of Online Masters of Education Degrees

Depending on what online school you choose, there are plenty of options when it comes to selecting your graduate education degree. Some of the most common education graduate degree programs include:

  • Instructional Technology
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Health Education
  • Physical Education
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • Reading Education
  • Business Education
  • Art Education
  • Adult Education
  • Science Education

Many education graduate degree programs require you to currently hold a valid teaching license. When you decide what type of degree program you would like to enter into, you will want to research all the prerequisites to make sure you are eligible to apply for that particular program.

More Graduate School Options

There are other types of programs called graduate certificates that a teacher can add onto their bachelor’s degree as well. Several schools have these types of programs such as a special endorsement in computer education, virtual reality in education and training or even distance learning and administration.

Top Reasons to Get an Online Master’s in Education

When you do choose that getting an online master’s degree in education is right for you, you will be pleased to discover the many degree programs that will be appropriate for you. The following are the top reasons to earn your master’s degree online:

  • Master’s degrees earned online cost less in tuition costs
  • Save on fuel costs in your car (no commute)
  • Complete courses on your own schedule
  • More time at home with your family
  • Work on your degree while you teach
  • Many degree options to choose from

No matter your reason, you will love earning your online master’s in education.

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