January 21, 2018

Kaplan University Teaching Degree

When you are considering attending college online for a graduate teaching degree, Kaplan University has a wonderful selection of master’s degrees in teaching as well as graduate certificates. Kaplan University teaching degree programs are designed to give teachers a competitive edge when they pursue employment as an excellent educator.

Types of Master’s Teaching Degrees

If you have a love for teaching and have a desire to acquire a master’s degree in teaching, Kaplan University might have the right program for you. The biggest obstacle that teachers often deal with when returning to school for a master’s degree is finding time to attend classes. Online master’s degrees from Kaplan can offer teachers a way to earn a degree without it taking away much of their scarce free time.

Most states will require a teacher to complete a master’s degree within a predetermined number of years after they gain their initial teaching certification. The best way to fit that into your schedule is to attend courses online. Our master’s degrees are created to help enhance your understanding of teaching methods, classroom management strategies and offer the possibility of working in another area of education, such as postsecondary instruction.

Kaplan University has online master’s degrees for the following areas in education:

  • Master of Science in Higher Education
  • Master of Science in Educational Psychology
  • Master of Science in Education in Instructional Technology
  • Master of Arts in Teaching- Iowa Certification
  • Master of Science in Education
  • Master of Arts in Teaching- Nationwide (Outside Iowa), Noncertification

Types of Graduate Certificates

In addition to our great master’s degree programs, Kaplan also offers several graduate certificates for teachers to branch out their teaching career with a possibility to work with another type of student. These degrees can be a great addition to your education whether you have only a bachelor’s degree or have already earned a master’s degree. If you are a middle school teacher interested in instructing students in a language learning or ESL setting, you could get your graduate certificate in Literacy and Language Learning from Kaplan University. As an elementary teacher, earning a graduate certificate in Teaching with Technology will help you gain a deeper understanding for utilizing technology within your classroom to greatly benefit your students.

Kaplan University graduate certificates can be earned in these areas:

  1. Graduate Certificate in:
    1. Instructional Design for Organizations
    2. Mathematics Teaching
    3. Teaching with Technology
    4. Instructional Design for Organizations
    5. K-12 Educational Leadership
    6. Literacy and Language Learning

Other Continuing Education Options for Teachers

For teachers just seeking continuing education credits, Kaplan also offers teachers an opportunity to just take individual courses for someone not seeking a degree. At Kaplan University, they have education courses such as curriculum design, student assessment, perspectives on diversity, foundations of instructional technology and educational psychology just to name a few.

When you choose to attend Kaplan University, you can rest assure that you will be getting a high quality education. Contact Kaplan today if you are interested in a Kaplan University Teaching Degree or check out other online education degrees here for comparison.

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