January 21, 2018

Northcentral University Teaching Degree Programs

Are you looking for a university than can help you reach your ultimate potential as a future educator? Northcentral University (NCU) offers a wide array of online teaching degree programs. NCU has online teaching degree programs for the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels of education. We will talk about what areas they focus on in each level.

Northcentral University Bachelors Teaching Degree Program

At NCU, they currently provide an online Bachelor of Education Completion Program. This is their teacher preparation program that is mainly designed to help students from Rio Salado College (RSC) and other community colleges complete the necessary work involved to earn a bachelor’s degree in education. Since RSC only offers an associate degree in education related fields, NCU offers courses in education that will further prepare students to become teachers.

Northcentral University Masters Teaching Degree Programs

Northcentral University can be a fantastic choice for a teacher who is seeking to earn their master’s degree in teaching. As a teacher, you do not have much extra time after school to take courses on campus. Taking online courses allows you to be more flexible.

NCU has the following masters degree programs for teachers:

a)   Instructional Leadership

b)   Curriculum and Teaching

c)    E-Learning (online teaching)

d)   Educational Leadership

e)   Athletic Coaching

f)    Global Training and Development

g)   English as a Second Language

h)   Adult Learning and Workforce Education

i)     Early Childhood Education

j)     International Education

k)   Organizational Leadership

l)     Leadership in Higher education

m)  Special Education

n)   Instructional Leadership

o)   Sports Management

As you can see, NCU has numerous possibilities for teachers who are seeking a graduate degree to help them further their education. This is a wonderful opportunity for a teacher to also earn a degree in another content area or department of education that they have an interest in. An early childhood education teacher might spark an interest in working with students with special needs. They can then choose to add on a master’s degree in special education from NCU to broaden their teaching experience.

At NCU, the master of education degrees listed above require 30 credit hours a piece for completion. The courses are eight weeks long and will work at enhancing your current understanding of education theories and practices.This program often works well with a teacher’s current schedule to allow ample time for studying, assignments and online interactions with classmates.

Northcentral University Doctoral Teaching Degree Programs

There are a multitude of doctoral programs at NCU as well. Northcentral University has 13 Doctor of Education degrees that can be earned on top of a master’s degree. Some examples are curriculum and teaching, e-learning, leadership in higher education and special education, just to name a few.

Educational doctoral degrees are helpful for someone in the education field who has a leadership role in the school or college in which they work. For instance, if you are a principal and wish to become the superintendent or another job in district administration, it would be a wise choice to earn a doctoral degree. In addition, if you are currently a special education teacher who is looking for a job as a director of special education, a doctoral degree in this field would greatly increase your chances of obtaining that particular job.

Northcentral University Teaching Program Summary

Teachers know that keeping well informed about changes in education theories and methods is one of the most important responsibilities of their job. NCU can help you by furthering your education in a convenient and professional way. Northcentral University teaching programs are recognized as comprehensive programs offering excellent online college opportunities.


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