January 21, 2018

Where to Earn an Online Masters in Education

You may have heard a lot about the possibility of earning your online masters in education degree, but you may not know where to go for your graduate education. Getting a master’s degree in education can help you get a new job, earn more income and learn new teaching methods and philosophies that are being taught today. We will discuss the accredited master’s degree in education programs offered at various online colleges so you will know why so many graduates go on to earn an advanced degree online.

Why Earn Your Online Masters Education Degree?

Many schools will not hire you if you only have a bachelor’s degree, or, if they do hire you, will expect you to pursue your masters degree while you are working. Other schools will indeed hire you on as a teacher, but will not pay you as well until you have your masters. In some cases, the issue at hand is not pay, but rather prestige—some schools will only promote or will give special opportunities to teachers who have masters degrees. They may use your lack of an advanced degree as an excuse to give you the less impressive or less challenging teaching position.

Teaching and Going to School at the Same Time – A True Challenge

Most teachers find it very challenging to teach full time and pursue a masters degree at the same time. However, an online masters in education program will offer you the flexibility necessary for you to tackle both challenges simultaneously. Most teachers find this to be a reasonable schedule to keep, where as many teachers end up dropping out of traditional masters programs (if they are also working full time) because the demand on their time and energy is just too much.

An Example: Northcentral University Online Masters in Education Degrees

One of the best online schools for online master’s education is Northcentral University (NCU). At NCU, they have 15 options for earning a master of education degree. A teacher can earn a master’s degree in areas such as e-learning, special education, leadership in higher education, English second language and early childhood education, just to name a few.

Each program requires 30 credit hours with eight-week courses. Take courses at your own pace and earn your degree while you teach school. Tuition for a master’s degree at NCU will cost around $15,000 in addition to any books or materials you will purchase for course work and exam preparation.

Earn Your Online Masters Education Degree

You will find several online college options are available. We suggest you check out Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, Concordia and Ashford University as you explore your online options.

Each college offers different programs and unique opportunities. You will want to investigate each program’s specific offerings and specializations as you determine which masters program will benefit you the most and work best with your situation. You may also want to look into what types of masters programs are desired by the local schools of your choice so you know what to concentrate on as you get your online masters education.


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