January 21, 2018

Types of Online Courses for Teachers

Whether you are already a teacher or are interested in becoming one, it’s a good idea to do some research on what types of online courses for teachers you can take. There are types of education courses that can help you earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree and there are courses that teachers can take to fulfill their continuing education requirements and later build towards earning a degree if they desire. We will talk about both options for teachers, where you can take these online courses and why they are beneficial.

Online Courses for Degree-Seeking Individuals

The types of courses that are offered for someone seeking a degree will depend upon what type of degree they are interested in earning. Some online schools, such as University of Phoenix and Northcentral Universtiy, offer a bachelor’s degree in education that can be earned either entirely or partially online. If you do not yet have a bachelor’s degree in education and do not wish to attend a traditional college, an online bachelor’s degree is a wonderful idea.

In addition to an online bachelor’s in education degree, someone seeking to earn a master’s degree in education can also take classes online. There are several schools such as the American Intercontinental University can offer several choices for online master’s degrees in education. Some degree options at American Intercontinental University are Classroom Integration of Technology, Adult Education and Training or Leadership of Educational Organizations just to name a few.

Some are surprised by the fact that you can even earn a doctorate degree online. If you are interested in even higher education degrees, some online colleges have doctorate degrees in education related fields as well. Each college may offer a different doctorate program, but these are especially beneficial for anyone who is in a leadership position at the school or is seeking a job in higher education.

Online Courses for Continuing Education

Since most states and or school districts will require teachers to earn continuing education credits, online courses are a perfect solution for a busy educator. Non-degree seeking students who are looking for education courses to take can look into online options to satisfy those requirements.

Kaplan University even offers single course enrollment as an option for teachers who are not currently seeking to earn an additional degree but wish to take courses online. Some of the course offered at Kaplan University are for undergraduate students seeking to take courses relating to education. They also offer graduate classes for teachers looking for either continuing education or to earn credits towards a future master’s degree in education. Once you take a course, you can submit it to your school district for license renewal requirements and apply the credits towards a master’s degree if you wish.

Benefits of Online Courses for Teachers

Teaching is one of the most involved professions out there. A teacher has to give it their all from the time they walk into school till the time they walk out and then some. Many teachers bring work home with them at night, so there is little to no down time to take a class on-campus.

Online courses for teachers can free up much of the time that would be spent commuting to classes and attending class on a busy school night. Assess which direction you would like to go and select the online school that best suits your needs for both course offerings and degree programs.

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