January 21, 2018

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Teaching Certificate

There are plenty of teaching jobs that don’t require a teaching certificate, so why should you go to the trouble of getting it?

1. Many Schools Won’t Hire You if You Don’t Have Your Teaching Certificate

Sure, there are always going to be some schools that will hire you without your certificate, but most schools either require you to have your certificate or to be actively pursuing it when you begin work.

Requirements vary greatly from state to state and even from region to region. Check into your local school requirements to find out if you’ll need a teaching certificate or not. This will help you determine how imperative it is that you get your certification before seeking a teaching job, or if it will be possible for you to get certified while working as a teacher.

2. A Teaching Certificate Will Get Your Foot in the Door for Public Education Positions

Even if you don’t actually want to be a teacher, but you want to work in public education or with a science museum or training program, you’ll find a teaching certificate will look good on your resume. Any job that requires public speaking, training or delivering instruction is supported by the education you’ll receive while pursuing your certificate.

3. A Teaching Certificate Will Set You Up for Advancement

Schools look at your official education when determining who will get promoted. A teaching certificate will support advancement into administrative positions such as curriculum planner, head teacher or even assistant principal.  If you plan on advancing in a school environment, you will want to have a teaching certificate on your resume.

4. Teaching Certification Programs are Heavy on Methodologies

While getting your certificate, you’ll learn teaching methods that will prepare you for a wide variety of situations and classrooms. You may think you are prepared for the day-to-day challenges of the classroom, but you probably don’t know what you’re missing.

5. You’ll Learn About Classroom Management and Planning

Teaching requires you to be able to manage your classroom (which is harder than you might think) and to plan ahead. You will need to learn crowd control, discipline and motivational strategies for handling a classroom of diverse students. You will also need to learn how to write lesson plans that can scale to students of multiple capabilities.

The certification process will equip you so you know how to handle:

  • Inclusion students (special education students who are in the mainstream classroom)
  • Disruptive students
  • Teaching the same lesson to a group of students, any of which will have different learning styles and needs
  • Large groups
  • Small groups
  • Whole classroom versus individual instruction settings
  • Special needs children (autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, dyslexia, etc.)
  • How to give the advanced students in your class a greater challenge so they are not bored (and do not act up)
  • Emergency situations

Teacher certification is designed to prepare you for a myriad of teaching challenges.

6. A Teaching Certificate Will Give You an Edge When Applying for the Best Jobs

Do you have your heart set on teaching at a prestigious prep school? A well known college? A top notch high school? If you have your sights set on a premium teaching job, you are going to need your teaching certificate for sure.

You might be able to get away with a teaching job (without your certificate) for a short while, but you’ll probably need to get your certificate before you can advance anywhere.

7. You’ll Make More Money if You Have a Teaching Certificate

Having a teaching certificate will open up doors to teaching positions that pay better than those open to you if you don’t have a certificate. It will also work as a stepping stone, should you wish to advance in both position and pay.

A teaching certificate is important to continuing education, advanced education and for promotions within the school system and education system as a whole. When employers are considering candidates for future positions, they look at education and job experience. If you don’t have the proper education (including certification), they may dismiss your job experience as being lesser than or as not enough. You want to have all your ducks in a row so you can be considered for promotions – and the paychecks that come with those advancements.

Teaching Certificate Summary

Not sure if you’re going to get your teaching certificate? Unsure if you have the time or money to do so? Check into teaching positions where the school may help supplement the cost of your pursuit of your certification. You may also want to look into online teacher certification programs that cater to people who work full time while getting their certification. You’ll find there are plenty of options that will suit your situation.






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