January 21, 2018

What to Look For in an Online Teaching Degree

When evaluating online teaching degree programs, you will need to ask yourself several questions to determine which program is right for you. Not all online programs are the same. However, not all online teaching programs offer the same caliber of education or the same post-graduation opportunities.

Use the following ten questions to help you determine which online teaching degree program is the best one for your situation. Don’t rush through this process. Your education is a significant investment, and is something you want to choose carefully. Make sure you’ve evaluated the pros and cons of several programs before you commit.

Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an Online Teaching Degree Program:

1. Is This Program Established?

How long has the program been in existence? Is there a graduating class that can report back on how well they were prepared for real life jobs? What kind of reputation does the school have?

Spend time googling the program and reading reviews, both negative and positive, to get a good idea of if this program is reputable and established enough. You want the program to be solid enough that you will be sure it will be around long enough to deliver your degree.

2. Will This Online Teaching Degree Program Fit My Budget?

Not all online teaching programs are budget-friendly. Find out how much it will cost you to complete your entire program. Look into financial aid and borrowing options, too. Then compare your findings with at least two other online colleges to determine if you can handle this program’s costs.

3. Will This Online Teaching Degree Program Fit My Schedule?

Do you need to work while putting yourself through college? Do you have children? A spouse? Make sure the classes are flexible enough to suit your schedule. Some online programs force you to attend webcasts or webinars during specific times. Watch out for this!

4. Does This Online Teaching Degree Cover the Subjects I Want to Teach?

If you want to teach a specific subject or get a degree in a specific area, you will need to find an online program that delivers the appropriate education. Check the class schedules, degree programs and options to determine if this is right for you.

5. Will All of the Classes I Need Be Available Online?

Some traditional colleges offer a mixture of in-class and online classes. Make sure all the classes you need are available online. You want to avoid getting stuck with half a degree completed and a slew of classes left to complete, all of which are taught in person, during your work hours.

6. What Kinds of Resources Are Available Through This Program?

Will you have access to tutoring, should you need help? Online office hours? Virtual libraries? Employment assistance or placement for after graduation?

7. Will This Online Teaching Degree Program Help Me Find a Suitable Student Teaching Internship?

Most teaching positions expect you to complete a student teaching internship before you apply for an actual in-class teaching position. Find out if this online program will help you find an appropriate internship or if you’ll be on your own.

8. What Kinds of Teaching Jobs are Graduates of This Program Getting?

Ask for statistics on what types of jobs (if any) graduates of this program have been getting. You want to find out if this program is turning out graduates of a high caliber.

9. Will This Online Program Set Me Up For Teacher Certification?

Most teaching positions require you get certified (and many positions require state-specific certification.) Find out what your state requires (certification-wise), and then check with the online degree program to be sure they will set you up for success.

10. Will This Program Set Me Up For the Teaching Position I Desire to Get After Graduation?

Most importantly, you need to find out if this program can prepare you for the job you wish to get. Do you want to work as an online professor of mathematics? Then find out if this program can prepare you adequately for such a position. Do you want to work as an elementary special education teacher? Then check to make sure they have a program tailored to this position.

You may decide you want to prepare to work in Human Resources, training employees or preparing employees for certification. If this is your dream, you will want to find out if the online college has a specific program for corporate trainers and online teachers. Do you want to teach high school music? Make sure this program can prepare you for that kind of a position.

What to Look for in an Online Degree Summary

The bottom line is this: you need to determine if this program will give you the education you need, at a price and schedule you can handle, in such a way that you will be prepared for the job you want to get. Once you’ve answered these questions, you should be able to choose an online teaching degree program easily and confidently.



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