February 24, 2018

Online Teaching Degree

Have you made the decision to pursue a teaching career but do not have the time to attend a college or university full time? If you are a busy parent or work full time, it may be difficult to set aside time to devote to obtaining a bachelor’s degree. What you may not know is that you can attend college online and earn your teaching degree from home.

Why Earn Your Teaching Degree Online?

The main reason many people choose to earn their bachelor’s degree in education online is out of convenience. Taking online courses reduces the amount of time spent away from home or work while you earn your degree. Online course work can be completed at any location, so you can even turn in assignments and take tests while you are on vacation or home with a sick child.

Another reason to select online education is that it often times costs much less than attending classes at a state or private college or university. By taking online courses versus attending college full time, you will cut down on commuting costs (if you commute from home), room and board (if you live on campus) and online courses tend to cost much less than traditional college classes.

If you are currently employed in a full time job, many employers offer tuition reimbursement benefits when you attend college courses. These benefits normally pay a portion of the required tuition and fees. You may be considering a career change if you are no longer satisfied in your current career field, so taking courses online to become a teacher can be a great idea. Also, if you have already attended some college and have accumulated student loans, you can defer your student loan payments if you attend school online.

Reasons to Become a Teacher

Teaching can be a very rewarding career. As a teacher, you have to opportunity to help each student realize their true potential for success in your class. Not every student will be a huge success, but it is so worthwhile when a student truly thrives with your instruction. It is not always an easy task to reach every child, but those wonderful triumphs make your work so much more meaningful.

Many times when you teach a particular subject, you also learn more as well. Teaching is one of the best ways to gain more knowledge about a topic when you delve into it even deeper than you may have before. For example, you may think you have a good grasp on physics concepts, but when you teach physics, you will gain an even higher level of understanding about physics.

When you teach, you are directly affecting each student’s future. Yes, it is a cliché, but it is true. No matter what grade level or content area you choose, you have the potential to positively influence the student’s future both in their education experience and in everyday life.

The schedule you have as a teacher is maybe one of the best benefits of the job. Depending on what state or district you work for, most offer at least a 10 week break in the summer, around 2 weeks of vacation over Christmas time and a week off in the spring. This is a wonderful benefit, especially if you have children who are also attending school.

Another important reason to become a teacher is the job security. Many areas of the country have a shortage of quality teachers. No matter where you seek a teaching job, it is certain that if you are a successful teacher, the school district will be more than willing to keep you around.

Can I Get a Desirable Teaching Degree Online?

You will find that many online schools offer teaching degrees in most grade levels and content areas.

The following are some examples of the types of undergraduate teaching degrees you can earn online:

  1. Early childhood education
  2. Special needs education
  3. Science education
  4. Middle grades science education
  5. Biology education
  6. Physics education
  7. Chemistry education
  8. Geosciences education
  9. Mathematics education
  10. Technology education
  11. Business education

There are also several master’s degrees in education that can be earned online.

Some master’s degrees in education you can earn are:

  1. Mathematics education
  2. Learning and technology
  3. Curriculum and instruction
  4. Science education
  5. English as a second language
  6. English language learning
  7. Special needs education
  8. Technology education

There are many choices for you to explore when you are thinking about obtaining your teaching degree online. You may be interested in scheduling an appointment with a career counselor at your high school or a local college. They can help you in finding the right education degree for you. No matter which degree you choose, you’ll find out that getting your teaching degree online is something that will fit into your schedule and make your life easier.

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