January 21, 2018

What Can You Do with a Teaching Degree?

Having a versatile degree is important in this volatile economy, which is why so many people are getting teaching degrees. It is a good idea to have a degree that allows you to seek employment in several different areas. By earning your teaching degree, you are not only qualified to teach children, but there are many other opportunities for employment that you may find interesting.

The following are the jobs we will touch on in which you can utilize your teaching degree.

  1. Teaching in a school setting
  2. Corporate training
  3. Government education departments
  4. Textbook and publishing careers

Using Your Teaching Degree in a School Setting

The obvious career path that individuals with a teaching degree normally choose is teaching in a school setting. If you have an early childhood education degree, you can seek a job in a preschool, daycare or an elementary school.

Even if you do not intend to stay in a teaching career forever, it can be a great stepping stone to other education related jobs, such as curriculum development and administration. Some of these higher positions require a master’s degree which you can earn while you are teaching in the classroom. Most of these jobs also seek individuals who have classroom experience, so you can earn that time while you are attending additional schooling or training to move up.

Using Your Teaching Degree for Corporate Training

Many businesses hire someone who holds a teaching degree to conduct employee training and continuing education for their employees. Although you may have been trained in how to instruct young children, you have learned the skills of classroom management and know how to develop lessons based on the material given to effectively teach adults in a business setting as well. Some corporate trainers are temporary and some are more permanent. Some will find that they like working with adults better than teaching children as well.

Using Your Teaching Degree in Government Education Departments

Another type of alternative job that still involves educating students is to find a career in the government education department. Some of these jobs will allow you to work with preparing teachers for their jobs, reviewing state teaching requirements, developing new standardized tests for students or evaluating educational materials. There are many positions in the government education department that work with states departments and school districts to help maintain education standards for the students and teachers.

Using Your Teaching Degree in Textbook and Publishing Careers

If you have a talent for writing and developing new educational materials, you may want to consider a career with textbook publishers. There are writing jobs, curriculum development jobs and editing jobs within a publishing company. Most textbook companies also have jobs in sales that require someone with excellent people skills and knowledge for what teachers need so they can help sell the products that will be most beneficial to the school districts. It is important that a person working with textbook publishers has had some experience in the classroom so they know what teachers actually desire in a textbook and related materials.

Teaching Degree Summary

These careers, among others not discussed in this article, can be a wonderful way for you to utilize your teaching degree. You will find a teaching degree to be both utilitarian and flexible.




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