February 24, 2018

Teaching Jobs

Unsure which teaching jobs might be right for you?

You may have already decided that teaching is the right career for you or you might be exploring it as a possibility. As a teacher, you are given the privilege of helping students develop a greater understanding about a particular subject. If you have an idea that you’d like to teach but aren’t sure which teaching jobs are right for you, this article will help you determine which jobs might be the best fit.

Grade Levels

There are several different ages and grade levels you can focus on as a teacher. If you are more adept at working with younger children, you may want to consider becoming a preschool or elementary school teacher. Some people have a knack for developing a good rapport with teenagers and adults. Those individuals would be best suited for a teaching career in a middle school, high school or college setting. Once you know what grade level you would like to teach, then you can decide what subject would be best for you.

Preschool and Elementary School Teaching Jobs

Preschool teachers are becoming increasingly important in a child’s education today. You may work in a Head Start preschool program, a private preschool or a daycare center preschool classroom. A teacher in preschool must have a high school diploma at the very least, but many schools require their teachers to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in education.  As a preschool teacher, you must possess a lot of patience and understanding. Most states also offer free or reduced cost preschool programs for children with special needs. As a special needs teacher, you are helping students with a mental or physical disability to learn more effectively by adapting lessons to fit their abilities.

Elementary school teachers will teach students from kindergarten to fifth grade, typically. All elementary school teachers must earn a bachelor’s degree in education and pass the state certification requirements before beginning to teach. Most elementary school teachers will be instructing students in all main subject areas like math, reading, science and history. You will also teach the children problem solving, study and social skills.

Elementary age children often spend most of their time in one classroom for the main subjects and are escorted to special interest classes such as physical education, art, technology or music. Many states have standardized test requirements for elementary school children so it is crucial that you help prepare them for these types of assessments. Special education teachers are also needed in an elementary setting.

Middle School Teaching Jobs

As a middle school teacher, you will be instructing students in grades six through eight. Some find that this is one of the most challenging times in a young person’s life. Going through hormonal shifts, coping with emotions and learning to behave as an adult are just some of the challenges that face children in this age group. When you teach middle school students, it is important to be aware of their behaviors and why they may be acting in a certain way.

A middle school teacher generally focuses on one or two subject areas. Middle school classrooms are not typically self-contained, meaning the students will travel from one classroom to another to learn different subjects. One teacher may instruct the students in math and science while another teacher is responsible for teaching English and history.There are also special needs teachers in middle schools. Many middle schools offer to mainstream students with mild special needs to help them learn to adapt to everyday life.

Middle schools also have special subject areas like band, art, technology, business and physical education. When you are a middle school teacher, you will be assisting the students in preparing them for high school education. It is also essential to help the students develop self-discipline and motivation when it comes completing their homework and preparing for exams.

High School Teaching Jobs

When you decide to become a high school teacher, you will be helping to develop the students’ skills that will help them in their own careers. As a high school teacher, you will be assisting students in identifying their abilities and interests to help them determine their career paths. Most teachers in high school only teach one subject area such as math, biology, chemistry, history, business, domestic arts, physical education, theater and orchestra just to name a few. Special needs teachers are crucial in the high school setting. Students with special needs will need to learn how to cope with life and be as independent as possible. Students with special needs will be taught job skills and life skills that will help them understand how to live life on their own or become as self-sufficient as possible.

High schools tend to offer the most electives out of any grade level. This is due to the fact that high school students need to develop and discover their talents and abilities that will help them succeed in life. You may choose to teach a core subject area, such as geometry or world history, or an elective class, such as architectural drafting or health occupation sciences. These types of classes help a student focus on their own interests and hone their individual abilities for their future career goals.

Post Secondary Teaching Jobs

If you think you might like teaching adults, a teaching job in a post secondary setting might be right for you. Post secondary education involves teaching in a college or university setting. You may teach at a community college, public or private university or even an online college. Most colleges require at least a master’s degree in your subject area to teach courses. Many colleges only allow teachers with a doctorate degree.

Many Teaching Jobs to Choose From

No matter what grade level or subject you choose, they are all important to every student’s overall education experience. You will want to select an area that you will be most likely to enjoy to make it the best experience. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and be a positive role model. This is why so many people find teaching jobs to be so rewarding!


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