January 21, 2018

Online Education Jobs Are Growing

Are you thinking about applying for one of the many available online education jobs? You may think online teaching jobs are far and few between, but think again: this is a job market that is growing at a rapid rate.

Many professors who are now teaching online classes did not think they’d ever be doing anything other than traditional classroom teaching. However, most colleges and universities now offer online classes, and even some high schools, middle schools and elementary schools now offer online classes. Corporations are using online classes to teach employees and certification programs are offering schedule-sensitive online courses. As our society turns to computers more and more, online classes are becoming more and more popular.

Benefits of Online Education Jobs

Those who teach online classes will tell you the benefits of online teachings jobs are many. As an online professor or teacher, you will get to:

  • Plan lessons far in advance
  • Conduct class without having to deal with misbehaving students or other such interruptions
  • Interact with students through virtual office hours, forums and email
  • Reduce or completely eliminate lecture time
  • Deliver information to students in an organized manner, without having to worry about if the students are paying attention or taking notes, since online classes put so much more of the responsibility on the students themselves
  • Work from home or office, depending on the employment setting
  • Work ahead or work unusual hours without unpleasant repercussions

Disadvantages of Online Education Jobs

If you are someone who gets a kick out of lecturing, enjoys banter with your students or likes an interactive classroom environment, you might find some forms of online teaching to be stifling or dull. While some online teachers use interactive webinars to teach and interact with students, many online classes are set up such that you might not ever interact with your students other than via email and forum posts.

You may also have a hard time staying on top of your online class if you lack self discipline and are someone who tends to get behind on grading assignments and planning classes. However, teaching in person does not guarantee you will overcome such a lack of discipline. It just might be easier to stay on top of things in you have students nagging you, in person, for that grade or those notes on a particular subject.

Average Salary for Online Education Jobs

Wondering what you can make as an online teacher? According to a survey conducted by SimplyHired.com (an online job search website), the average online teacher makes $49,000 per year.  SimplyHired.com also lists the average teacher’s salary as $36,000 per year, which is significantly lower than the numbers quoted on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (a government site), which states the average teacher’s salary is around $51,000 per year.

Most online teaching jobs are either college level or for corporate training, certificate training, or niche education training. As you research positions, you’ll discover that different online teaching positions require vastly different levels of education and skill, resulting in quite a pay scale range.

Post Secondary Online Education Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average post secondary teacher makes $62,050 per year. Many college professors end up teaching online classes, even if they work for a traditional college or university. You might get an online teaching position with a strictly online college, or you may end up teaching online classes as part (or all) of your responsibilities with a traditional college or university.

Corporate Training Online Education Jobs

If you are interested in Human Resources, you may find a corporate training position to be just the right job for you. You may create, administer and evaluate online courses for employees, covering a range of topics. You might teach work ethics, corporate policy changes, anger management, people skills or even computer skills via an online format. Working for a corporation may be the perfect blend of business and teaching.

Certificate or Licensing Online Teaching Jobs

Many jobs require specific certifications or licensing. You may find a job teaching courses that lead to certification or licensing for a variety of niches. These jobs may require you to learn the material that will be taught before you can actually begin the teaching part of the job, but this is usually paid for as on-the-job training.

Niche Education Online Teaching Jobs

The internet is overflowing with small companies that will teach various skills to the masses through membership sites, online coursework, and even free webinars. You may get hired by companies who want to teach people things like:

  • How to become an affiliate marketer
  • How to start your own website
  • How to master search engine optimization techniques
  • How to learn stock trading secrets

Many of these companies use online teachers to dish out information and help students learn how to use technical tools or products.

Online Education Jobs Summary

Online teaching opportunities are growing by the minute. If you have your teaching degree, you will definitely want to look into online education jobs as you evaluate your employment options.




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