January 21, 2018

Should You Consider Online Teaching Jobs?

Have you wondered if you should consider online teaching jobs? If you’re trying to decide if you want to apply for online or traditional classroom teaching jobs, you’ll want to examine what your expectations are and what you hope to get out of your employment opportunity.

What Kind of Teaching Job is Right For Me?

What prompted you to pursue a teaching degree? Did you go into a career in education because you imagined yourself reading aloud to a roomful of elementary school children? Did you envision yourself bantering with an auditorium of bright college students as you tackled difficult philosophy questions?

When deciding what kind of teaching job to pursue, you will want to think about what you hoped to get out of a teaching career. What did you hope you’d find fulfilling? What parts of the job do you think you won’t look forward to?

Comparing Traditional Classroom and Online Teaching Jobs

If you work in a traditional classroom, you will need to excel at:

  • Interpersonal skills, both with your students (whom may be children or adults, depending on what type of teaching job you accept), fellow staff members and parents (if teaching children)
  • Speaking and instructing verbally
  • Classroom behavior management

Many people find these are the reasons they want to go into teaching. They want to interact with children or adult students each day. They want to help parents figure out how to guide and discipline their children. They look forward to staff meetings with peers and school administrators. They like the school environment overall.

If you choose an online teaching job, you will need to excel at:

  • Online communication
  • Lesson planning and delivery via webcast, webinar or written notes
  • Organization, above and beyond the traditional teaching role
  • Technical skills, especially as computer systems change over the years, since online teaching requires a higher level of technical involvement

If you imagined your teaching career to be one of delivering information, grading projects and assignments, and ensuring students learned the objectives (minus the personal interactions), an online job may be the best position for you.

What Does it Take to Succeed at Online Teaching Jobs?

If you want to be an online teacher, you must:

  • Be incredibly organized
  • Communicate well on paper (or computer, as it were)
  • Find satisfaction in teaching without having personal interaction with students
  • Know your subject matter well
  • Prove yourself on paper (or computer) since people skills will not matter nearly as much as they would if you were interviewing for a Kindergarten teaching position
  • Showcase an ability to clearly and concise instruct a varied audience through a limited medium
  • Enjoy a remote job that some people may find isolating or boring

If you are fine with the fact that you will not have much social interaction with staff or peers and will spend much of your time planning, writing, reading or grading assignments and recording results, you are the right person for an online teaching job. If you look online, you’ll quickly discover that the number of online jobs available is quickly growing.

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