February 24, 2018

Summer Jobs for Teachers

Are worried about what kinds of summer jobs are available for teachers? When you consider a teaching position, are you concerned about the couple months you won’t be employed each year? Are you a teacher who is looking for some additional income over the summer? Whatever your concern, there are plenty of summer job opportunities for teachers.

Reasons Teachers Want Summer Jobs

Teachers get summer jobs for various reasons. Here is a list of some of the prime reasons that teachers will seek summer employment:

  1. Earn extra income for spending money or saving accounts
  2. Reduce summer boredom
  3. Working a job related to a special hobby
  4. Gain more teaching related experience

We will talk about these various attractions to summer employment for teachers in this article.

Types of Summer Jobs for Teachers

Summer jobs for teachers fall into three categories. The main categories of summer jobs for teachers are education related, special interest and hobby related or service related jobs. Many jobs that a teacher can do in the summer can be work from home positions as well. This is great for being able to stay home with your children when they also have the summer off from school. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks to each type of job and talk about all the various job opportunities you can take on in the summer.

Education Related Summer Job Opportunities

The obvious first choice for a summer job as a teacher is in the field of education. There are numerous different teaching related jobs that are temporary for the summer break. This allows a teacher to earn more teaching experience that they can even add to their resumes as well. One drawback of having a summer job in education is the possibility to become burnt out with teaching.

Summer tutoring positions can be found in almost any area of expertise. Many parents want their children to keep working on their academics through the summer break so they retain knowledge for the following school year. You can find tutoring positions with former students in your school or by asking fellow teachers if they know of anyone who needs tutoring. Tutoring jobs can also be found at tutoring centers such as Sylvan or Kumon. There may even be tutoring classified ads in your local paper or posted on your church bulletin boards and newsletters.

Several teachers also choose to become summer camp counselors as well. Since teachers already have plenty of experience working with children, that makes them the perfect candidate for a camp counselor. Teachers can also be hired as camp leaders who help oversee the entire summer camp.

Another teaching related job is to teach summer school. Summer school can be taught in your current school system. This makes it an even easier job to procure since you are already hired into the school system and have the ability to just apply for the job opportunity. Summer school days are not typically as long as regular school days, which leave you with plenty of time for rest and relaxation.

The last type of teaching job for the summer can be teaching abroad. You can take the summer to teach English as a foreign language to students in another country. As a teacher, you will need to obtain international teaching certification, which is relatively easy to earn. Some employers are seeking more long-term commitments, but it can be a fun thing to pursue if that interests you.

Special Interest and Hobby Related Jobs

Since teachers often have plenty of writing experience, freelance writing work may be an opportunity. Freelance work also encompasses web-design and other technology work that teachers are qualified for. Take on as much or as little work as you would like and work at your own pace.

Retail jobs are popular among teachers as well. Working in retail is not exclusively a summer job, but you can find seasonal retail jobs or work throughout the school year as well. Try to find a retail position at a store you normally shop at and in a type of store that sparks your interest. That way you will be knowledgeable about their products and have the ability to reap the benefits of a store discount.

Coaching a sports team is another option for summer employment. Maybe you are very interested in baseball or soccer. Contact your local sports leagues or the parks and recreation department to find listings for coaches in your area.

Service Related Summer Jobs for Teachers

The last type of summer jobs we will discuss are service related. Contact your neighbors or put an ad in your neighborhood newsletter to provide house and pet sitting services for the summer. This type of job is great for the summer since that is when most people like to take vacations.

Some parents also seek summer babysitting for their school age children who are not old enough to stay at home alone yet. This can be a perfect job for a teacher, especially if you have children of your own as well so the children have playmates for the summer.

Summer Jobs for Teachers: Final thoughts

Having a summer job as a teacher allows you to experience new things and practice talents that you may not get to use in your teaching career. It can be great to be able to earn extra income over the summer months. No matter what type of job you choose, it is a good idea to have a summer job that you enjoy.

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