January 21, 2018

Texas Teacher Certification Rules

When you are thinking of becoming a teacher in Texas, the most important thing to know is what is required for Texas teacher certification. Some states have unique prerequisites for a teaching license. Most states have similar standards for teachers, but in this article we will focus on what the essential steps are in becoming a certified teacher in Texas.

Step One: Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Educator Preparation Program

The very first step in teacher certification is to obtain an undergraduate education degree. This degree can be in any area of teaching that Texas offers teaching positions for. These degrees can be in anything from early childhood education to a special content area like technology or business education.

As well as earning your bachelor’s degree in education, you will also have to complete your teacher preparation program. These educator preparation programs must be approved programs and are usually offered at state and private colleges, educational service centers or school districts. Most individuals choose to enroll in these programs while you are attending college but you can still complete this step after you already hold your bachelor’s degree as well.

Step Two: Completion of Teacher Certification Exams

Step two in becoming certified is passing your teacher certification exams in your content area. According to the Texas Education Agency, your educator preparation program will help you prepare for and take the appropriate test for your grade level or content area. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has created a test for Texas teacher certification called the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards program (TExES).

The TExES test series is similar to the Praxis series, but has been developed for only Texas teachers. If you are currently certified in another state, you will have to send your credentials for review to the Texas Education Agency. They will look over your information and help determine which TExES tests you will need to take to earn Texas teacher credentials.

Step Three: Submit State License Application

Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree, teacher preparation programs and have passed your teacher certification exams, you can then send in your official state license application. When applying for your license, be sure to meet with your educator preparation program to be sure to include all required documents needed with your application. Be sure to acquire official transcripts to use when sending in your application and to use when applying for a teaching job.

Step Four: Background Investigation and Fingerprinting

In a job where you work with children, it is important to be sure you do not have a criminal record. For the protection of the children, each teacher applying for certification must undergo a national background check and fingerprinting to keep on file. There is a fee to be paid for your background check as well.

Teaching Jobs in Texas

After you have earned your teacher certification, you can then apply for a teaching job in Texas. A teaching job in Texas can allow you to earn a competitive salary. Currently, the average teacher’s salary in Texas is around $46,361. Beginning teaching salaries start around $30,000, but can be even more depending on the district.Being aware of the requirements to become a teacher in Texas is the most important part of earning your teaching certification and reaching your goal to become a teacher in Texas.



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