January 21, 2018

The Benefits of Becoming a Teacher

Deciding to become a teacher can be exciting. When you discover that a teaching career is the best option for you, it is then time to find out how to become a teacher. You will want to also look at all the benefits and drawbacks to becoming a teacher before making your final decision.

How to Become a Teacher

The first step after you decide to become a teacher is to choose a college or university that you will attend. Nationally accredited education degrees are offered at both traditional and online universities. After you earn an education degree in the field of your choice, you need to complete all the requirements for acquiring your teaching credentials.

Be conscious of the fact that each state has its own prerequisites for obtaining a teaching license. Most states use the Praxis series of teaching certification examinations, but some have tests that are created for that specific state. After you have collected the proper paperwork, such as transcripts, a copy of your teaching examination scores and a background check, you can apply for state certification. With certification in hand, you can apply for a teaching job in the district in which you would like to work.

Key Benefits of Being a Teacher

Now that you know how to become a teacher, we will talk about the benefits of being a teacher. Teachers have a great schedule during the school year. Most schools offer teachers several work days throughout the year where they can come and plan or prepare their classroom without students. This helps keep teachers organized and provides them with some down time to plan lessons for the upcoming weeks.

In addition to work days, teachers normally have off from teaching in the summer, a week in the spring, two weeks in the winter (for holidays) and all national holidays. If you teach in a year round school district, they typically instruct students for nine weeks and have three weeks off in between the quarters.

The schedule for teachers is wonderful, but the real benefit is the possibility to create a positive influence in the community. If you are a dedicated teacher, you can be a great asset to the school and really help each student discover their potential. Students will remember their wonderful teachers for years to come and your words will have influence on them throughout their education career and beyond.

Possible Drawbacks of Being a Teacher

Although being a teacher can be fun and rewarding, it is a very difficult job as well. Teaching students of all abilities is challenging. Also, working within the expectations of the parents and administrators can be exhausting sometimes for the teacher.

It is no secret that teachers also do not make a large salary. While this is true, it is still a competitive salary for a person who holds a bachelor’s degree. Since teachers also have time off in the summer, they have the option of obtaining a summer job such as tutoring, summer childcare or camp counseling.

Just like any job, teaching has its pros and cons. You will find, if you are a devoted and enthusiastic teacher, the rewards greatly outweigh any shortcomings of teaching.

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